Being Present

“Birger Nygaard once commented that he found the expression ‘missional church’ redundant.  It sounds, he said, like ‘female women’.  If it isn’t female, it isn’t a woman.  Likewise, if it isn’t missional, it isn’t church. (more…)

3 ways to use Jesus the Game Changer – National Campaign 2018

Are you unsure about how Jesus the Game Changer might look in your church context or faith community? (more…)

Unlocking our imagination

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs. As a result I get to pick their brains to work out what makes them tick, how they find their ideas, how they fund their ideas and how they execute them. They have taught me a lot about lateral thinking, faith and risk (in a non-religious sense). (more…)

Celebrating the answer, but missing the question

Will you celebrate the answer, but miss the question this Christmas?