Why this Baptist Pastor loves Halloween

Is it wicked for Christians to have fun on Halloween?

If so, then count me guilty as charged. We all know that “become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some” is foundational to the evangelical church (1 Cor 9:22). It is because of this crucial evangelistic mindset that many churches are lead to endure the blandness of (more…)

8 Ways For Churches To Respond To Halloween

Churches are highly resistant to Halloween, for a range of good reasons. I won’t preach to the converted on all the worrying aspects of Halloween. But if our response is to hide behind locked doors and closed curtains in darkened rooms are we missing out on a fantastic opportunity to engage missionally in our local community? (more…)

Surprising Faith Attractors

Every now and then research throws up something that turns your perceptions about evangelism upside down. New research from the UK suggests that church buildings are more effective in attracting young people to the Christian faith than youth groups. It also suggests that more young people are committed to the Christian faith than previously thought (more…)

Emerging Evangelists 2017

What does the church do with an evangelist? What is the role of an evangelist in the community and culture of 2017? These are some of the questions many churches wrestle with. We understand what to do with people who have pastoral gifts, and in fact most of the training of our pastors revolves around this one facet of local church ministry.

With this mind we gathered in Melbourne in late August with delegates from each state, for our annual Crossover Emerging Evangelists Conference. This conference is designed to encourage people from within our churches from all States across Australia who have been identified by their own local church leaders as having an evangelistic calling and gifting. (more…)

How To Connect With Your Community On The Internet – Part#2

The local grapevine has always been a way of finding out what is happening in your community, a mixture of gossip and real information. Churches need to know what is happening in their community so that they can be both proactive and responsive. Facebook groups have supercharged the local grapevine to new heights and they provide local churches with an insight into the pulse of the local community and its needs. (more…)