The accidental evangelist

From time to time people are kind enough to tell me of something that I’ve said to them in the past that has had a profound impact on them leading to significant change. As a preacher and evangelist it’s important to hear this feedback, if only for my own authentication. The only problem is that I can never remember saying those words and cannot fathom how I in my own wit and wisdom would have said those things. (more…)

A chance encounter

I had a chance encounter with a secularist who was listening to a podcast on polyamory in a forest trail the other weekend. Seriously. I was marshalling a trail run and from behind me I heard the crunch of footsteps on the trail. I wheeled around expecting to find a lost competitor but it turned out to be a local on a trail walk.  (more…)

For our next trick…

Monday is the day I talk about church stuff to my irreligious friends more than any other day. This is in response to the ‘Monday question’: “How was your weekend?” (more…)