Learning From Mission In The Majority World – with Graham Hill

When accomplished academic and author Graham Hill was told by his family that nobody wanted to read his books he knew that he had to learn new media skills in order to connect with people and pass on critical information that can help shape mission. That determination has led to an epic global exploration that is unearthing a treasure trove of interviews and perspectives. (more…)

Coffee – The Elixir Of Mission

I come from the International Roast generation. When I were a lad we had no coffee machines, no lattes, no cappuccinos, no ristrettos, and no cold press. Large tins of International Roast dominated the kitchen cupboard. Things have changed dramatically, and there is a new focal point to friendships and hospitality: coffee. (more…)

From Point Guard To Pastor – A Success Story From A Community Oriented Church

When Anthony Palmieri first walked into Lakeside more than twenty years ago he wasn’t a Christian, he just wanted to play basketball. Now he’s the Senior Pastor and a perfect illustration of the fruit that comes from a church that swaps having a sanctuary in favour of a community centre. In this interview with Anthony we examine the principles behind this unique approach to church and all the ramifications in terms of staffing, strategy, governance and ministry. (more…)

Permission vs Persuasion

Is it just me or do many forms of evangelism involve coercion of one type or another? It may be a voice over with a soft music background and dimmed lighting, it could be a powerful rhetoric or it could be good old fashioned fear (let’s talk about hell should we?). It could well be that in the Australian context any form of coercion or power leverage in evangelism may well be counterproductive. (more…)