Reaching Depressed Urban Areas – Webinar Recording

Mission and church planting in depressed urban areas requires a whole new level of ‘buy in’ and preparedness to live incarnationally. Our guest David Chatelier joined us in our latest webinar to explore his mission amongst the marginalised. (more…)

When Sports Stars Thank Jesus

I don’t often get asked by people who do not have any faith if they can ask me a question about religion. I was this week and it made me consider that we never quite know the impact of throw away statements (both intentional and unintentional) about your faith.  (more…)

Heaven Can’t Wait – Review

Heaven Can’t Wait by Nick and Yvette Wynne is a short and easy to read booklet exploring the journey of life with all the questions it raises. It is presented as a small glossy exposé with ten easy to read chapters in which Nick and Yvette each share significant experiences from their journey into faith in God. These reflections are very honest as they dive into the struggles, doubts and fears that coloured this personal, and at times painful, journey. (more…)