Pokémon Your Church

Everyone is going mad about Pokémon Go. If you see people — adults and kids — wondering around town these days, eyes cast downwards and fixed to their smartphones, the chances are they are not texting or looking at emails but searching for Pokémon characters. How does the church respond to this? (more…)

Critical Software and Apps for Churches Webinar

Our latest webinar looked at some critical software and apps for churches to help make people management, communication and technology easier and more effective. (more…)

Webinars & Podcasts

Crossover runs a variety of webinars to make our resources more accessible for Baptist Church leaders around Australia. The topics include a range of practical skills (like how churches can use facebook effectively) and support discussion topics – like bi-vocational and church planting hang outs with special guests from the relevant fields to give input and advise from their experiences. (more…)

One Caller, Many Callings: viewing the workplace through new eyes

We Baptists believe passionately in the priesthood of all believers don’t we? Maybe we don’t if the only person in our congregation identified by a title is the pastor. (more…)

Facebook For Churches – Advanced Level

We were joined by leading church communications blogger Steve Fogg for our Facebook For Churches advanced webinar. Topics included engaging content, digital strategy, Facebook live, optimal posting times and scheduling. Steve is a first class communicator and digital media practitioner, and this webinar is no exception. (more…)