Is it Mission if the Organisation isn’t “Christian”?

“Should I be a healthy person who eats salad, or the unhealthy person who eats pizza? Surely it is not possible for me to be both a healthy person AND a person who eats pizza sometimes?”… writes Renata Carmichael (more…)

Church Planting Hangout -Webinar recording

We were joined in our Church Planting Hangout webinar by Warren Crank, author of The Resolute Leader and Unofficial Chaplain and also Philip Bryant. Both guests have significant experience and wisdom in church planting matters. The webinar has been saved as a recording you can access below: (more…)

Facebook for Churches – The Free Ride is Over

Facebook was a gift for churches when it came along. Social media is people networking, and churches are in the business of people networking. Or should I say churches should be in the business of people networking. Often churches feel safer retreating within and relating to people within their bubble rather than growing networks from the outside. To illustrate this someone in my church recently asked exasperatedly “who are all these new people?!”. (more…)

Upcoming Webinars

We’ve got a variety of webinars planned over the coming weeks so make sure you keep up to date via our events page and facebook page!

Click here for dates, descriptions and how to join in!

Upcoming topics include: using social media and other software effectively for ministry and evangelism, church planting, evangelism, bivocational ministry.

Webinars will be recorded, and when discussion is appropriate and useful for others to listen to we will make this recording available on our website after the event. It will usually take us a day or two to get this uploaded so keep an eye out for these new blogs post webinar.

Click here to view the April Facebook for Churches – beginner level webinar

Click here to listen to the May Church Planting Hangout webinar, with special guests Warren Crank and Philip Bryant.