In God’s Service – A Review

In God’s Service: Being a distinctive disciple in your workplace by Andrew Laird & Steve Naoum.

Small Group Study Series.

“If you’ve been in any job for a period of time you’ll know how all-consuming work is. It takes up most of our waking hours and consumes much of our thinking outside the workplace… As Christians… we’re not always sure how our faith is supposed to intersect with our work.” (more…)

Alpha Invitation Easter 2016

Join #RunAlpha this Easter 1000 churches around Australia.

Alpha Australia is inviting churches around Australia to join with them in running the Alpha Course after Easter this year. They explain they “will be running a national promotional campaign to help churches invite their community to explore faith and God through Alpha. Churches will be able to register their Alpha course on our website so that people will be able to find it through the Alpha Finder site.”

They are hoping to see 1000 churches across the nation sign up to help share the message of Jesus with their communities. Has your church signed up yet?

Click here to find out more on the Alpha website

Developing Missional Leaders

Norm Nix Scholarship 2015

The annual Norm Nix scholarship is given to assist an Australian Baptist Pastor or theological student in their development as a leader in evangelism, in their ministry context. The scholarship is named in recognition of the outstanding leadership and service of retired Crossover Director Rev. Norm Nix, in encouraging evangelism throughout Australia. (more…)