Table Talk for Christmas

Crossover and The Ugly Duckling Company would like to offer you a special gift this Christmas, which you can extend to the members of your congregation, for use with family & friends over the holiday period.

Table Talk for Christmas is an all age family game. which is free on the Apple App Store and GooglePlay. It is an ideal gift to offer at your Carol Services, through any schools you are in contact with or via a community Christmas card. The game encourages people to explore and celebrate the spirit of Christmas!

Click here for more info about the card game or search for “Table Talk for Christmas” on your app store for the free app version!

If you’d like to see a demo, click here to view a trailer of the card game.

The habits of a faith sharer

5-Habits-340x544The Five Habits of  Highly Missional People, is a book written by Michael Frost about the BELLS method for sharing your faith. It is a “handy tool for mobilizing Christians up, in and out into mission. That is, up into deeper connection with the Triune God; in to a stronger sense of community with other believers; and out into the neighborhood.” 1

The books sets out “a simple, easy-to-adopt set of habits that unleash essential missional values like engagement with neighbours, connection with each other, a deeper experience of God’s leading, a stronger understanding of the Gospel, and a framework for identifying ourselves as missionaries.“2

This reasonably short, useful book sets out both the why, and how-to of this principle and could be worked through as a group, or an individual. It also includes an “Accountability Form” at the end to help you work through some practical actions steps to begin implementing the BELLS principle of habits in your life.

Click here to access this book for free through Exponential.


1, 2: Quotes from Michael Frost in the introduction to “The Five Habits of Highly Missional People”