Looking From The Outside In – How We Come Across To Outsiders

It’s often sobering to listen to a review of how the church is doing, especially from the point of view of an outsider. Christians are pretty good at critiquing the church (some spend more time doing it than is healthy). Often we have to face up to the experiences and perceptions of others that makes for hard reading. It’s pleasant to receive some positive feedback, especially from surprising sources. (more…)

Who are you reaching online?

Making Your Church Web Presence Evangelistic

One of the greatest tools ever made available to Christians is the internet. Many churches however use their web and social media presence as an echo chamber, reaching out mainly to their own people. Churches who are strategic about their web presence are able to use the various platforms as an extension of their evangelistic reach.

Many Australians are not game to enter through the doors of a church. But what if they could have a good look around from a safe distance? Here’s some tips on your web and social media strategy:

1. Target Audience

Have in mind a very clear target audience who your website or social media postings are aimed at. If your aspiration is that your web presence is for people who don’t normally come to church then this should affect your content and language.

2. Engaging Content

Churches are often the best kept secret of many a community. The world outside doesn’t understand what goes on inside, and the media often conjures up an image of a bunch of judgmental people gathering around planning how to stop same sex marriage. The truth is that our churches are the salt and light of their local communities: loving and serving people sacrificially. Within our churches people experience love, acceptance, growth, healing, etc.
Post content that shows the church in action and provide an opportunity for those on the outside looking in to get a better picture of what happens in a church community. Take photos of all you get up to and be as graphic as possible.

3. Contextual Language

In case you haven’t noticed Christians have a language all of their own. If you want your content to be understood first (let alone engaging) you may need to look carefully at the language that you use. In the same way that missionaries study the culture and language of their host culture we need to understand the language those we are trying to reach and adjust accordingly.

4. Invite Response

Don’t just post something, invite or provoke a response through humour and questions. There has to be a ‘so what’ rule run over your content. Each post needs to have a strategic purpose, and must be designed to invite a particular response. Make sure you check your platforms regularly and reply to anyone who engages with you.

5. Keep Up To Date

Nobody visits websites or social media accounts that have old or infrequent content. Keep it bubbling and make sure people are keen to come back for more.


Stan Fetting – Crossover Operations Manager

Equipping The Next Generation Of Evangelists

Just what is an evangelist these days in a post Billy Graham world? Do we even use the ‘E’ word anymore? What’s the difference between ‘missional’ and ‘evangelism’? What is the place of an evangelist in a pastoral care focussed church context? These and many other questions were tackled during our 3rd annual Emerging Evangelists Confernece, held at Collins Street Baptist Church in Melbourne. (more…)

Emerging Evangelist Conference 2015

Raising A New Generation Of Evangelists 

This week Crossover will hold its 3rd annual Emerging Evangelists Conference in Melbourne. Our State Taskforce members have been tasked with identifying candidates from around Australia. Our guest speaker is UK based global traveler and speaker Dennis Pethers from The Rooftop.

Topics this year include:
The Calling– understanding the nature of the call of the evangelist and the types of ministries it can lead to, and staying faithful to it.
Lone Ranger or Pied Piper – bringing your local congregation along for the ride.
Ashley Maddison Moments – Guarding against disqualification, self care, ethics and boundaries.
Shape shifting  – evangelism shaped by context.
Prayer & Spiritual Warfare – ministering in power with protection.
Digital Evangelist – the evangelist and social media.

During the conference we will be running regular social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In using #crossovereec

Evangelism Masterclass Webinar

Dennis Pethers will be our guest in an Evangelism Masterclass webinar on September 3 at 2pm [EST]. Dennis is well known to the Baptist community in Australia now having traveled extensively with Crossover over the last four years.

Previously an atheist, Dennis Pethers has a message that many around the world are responding to.
His message is simple but vital at a time when fewer and fewer people are attending church as they did in previous generations. Dennis is helping the church across the world to see that we live at a pivotal ‘moment’, a moment that presents perhaps the greatest challenge and opportunity for the gospel since the church began.

This webinar will be in the form of a Q&A. Tap into Dennis’s vast experience gained both through his own ministry and through extensive traveling around the church globally. Dennis has a sharp mind and excels at this format. Bring your questions, comments and join together with others from around our movement of churches who are motivated to have a sharp evangelistic cutting edge.

To join in click on the Webinar Link.  You can also dial in on your phone at +61 2 8355 1039, access code 532-937-325. Full link for cut and paste is: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/532937325