Getting The Message Across

Baptist churches have become very good at connecting with their local community and building relationships throughout their local communities but what about when it comes to being able to explain the reasons for the hope they have found in Jesus? (more…)

Table Talk: A resource for getting people talking

Evangelism in the Australian context is especially difficult given the reticence of Australians to openly talk about spirituality. Churches do underestimate the huge step people need to take in order to go from having no spiritual interest, to doing one of the popular evangelistic courses. We expect that people will come into our environment (many of whom never darken the door of a church), listen to us the ‘experts’, and then make a decision to believe what we believe.  (more…)

Life After Being an Evangelist

Possibly the most exciting thing of my early 20s was being a key player in seeing a number of friends and youth group kids come to faith in Christ. I remember our youth pastor at the time, Mark Wilkinson, suggesting that I was going through a real “purple patch” as it seemed that everyone who got baptised at our church named me as a significant person in their journey of faith. I don’t say this to brag but rather to pre-empt what I’m about to say, and that is that life has been very different in recent years. I thought this was just how life was and would always be; unfortunately it isn’t.  (more…)

Street Art: Painting a Greater Picture of Jesus

My lecturer told us that when the fast food chain KFC expanded its growth into the Chinese market, they tried to carry over their slogan of ‘finger licking good’ but to their shock the equivalent translation in Chinese was ‘eat your fingers off’! I have wondered at times as I’m biting into a wicked wing, that it tastes a bit suspicious. Now I know why! (more…)

It’s More Than a Game

It’s a Saturday morning and like thousands of kids around the country competing in some type of sporting activity, a young 16 year old basketball fanatic arrives at Lakeside Recreation Centre. He loves playing there; the facilities are great, the service is excellent, the competition is organised and well run. (more…)