PRAC Spring Edition

Crossover’s latest issue of PRAC unpacks issues stemming from the last National Church Life Survey. In particular, we examine the issues that arose in relation to attitudes towards evangelism, church planting and how churches can use research to shape their unique mission. To download the latest version in .pdf click here, and to read online in magazine format click here.

Christmas Card And Postcard Resources

Crossover is pleased to offer a range of Christmas invitational cards and postcards for free download. In recent years the demand for over-printing has fallen markedly as churches source their own local printing solutions. Subsequently, from 2013¬†we will offer a digital download only. The files are print ready .pdf and can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. Churches than cannot edit the files themselves will be able to have that done with their chosen printing solution. Local is usually best, but cheaper prices can be found online. Click on the links below each option to download either the card option or the post card option: (more…)

The Multi Cultural Church – 3/3

cresthillEthnic churches are responding to the imperative of mission and making strategic decisions to reach out to all people groups around them, not just their own. Crossover went to Bass Hill in Sydney to talk to Pastor Frank Farag about the journey that Crest Community Baptist Church has been on.

Click on the picture to watch or download the video.

The Multi Cultural Church – iDeas DVD 2/3

staffordheightsbaptistStafford Heights Baptist Church in Brisbane’s northern suburbs has undergone radical change in recent years with the arrival of three new people groups as part of the church worshiping community. The addition of Sudanese, Chin and Karen people has transformed the church. Crossover went to Stafford Heights to speak with senior pastor Bob Rogers about the journey the church has been on.

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The Multi Cultural Church – iDeas DVD 1/3

syndalthumbnailSyndal Baptist Church made a strategic decision to ensure that the church reflected the increasing ethnic diversity of their changing neighborhood. Underscored by a stable and strategic leadership and a willing congregation, the church has transformed into a rich multi cultural blend. Crossover visited their impressive facility on a key suburban cross road and spoke to long serving senior pastor Bill Brown.

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