Mixing Missional With Business

Convict transportation-1These days Christian campsites are capable of generating a lot of profit especially from school groups. Many thousands of children & youth pass through campsites , and for some of them it’s the closest they will get to coming anywhere near a church. So how does a camp director walk the fine line between running a profitable business and ensuring that the campsite takes advantage of its missional potential. Andrew Grant is determined to be a success as both, and he has developed some interesting new initiatives that expose people to stories that teach the Christian faith:

Emerging Evangelists

What does a Baptist church do with someone within the congregation who is identified as an evangelist?  Do they send them off to a para-church organisation where they can feel more at home, or utilise them within the church. How do evangelists fit in to the church context which often revolves around the ‘found’ rather than the lost, around pastoral care as opposed to reaching out? (more…)