In Search Of The Missional Pastor #2

In our search for that potentially mythical being: the missional pastor we went looking for someone who combines ministry both within and without the walls of the church or even better, someone with no dividing wall between the two. We came across our second specimen in Western Sydney in a suburb just off the M4 heading out to Penrith and the Blue Mountains beyond. We found him in his garage surrounded by tools and bikes. Big bikes.  Not just any old bikes, Harley Davidson’s. He was wearing leathers and was sporting tattoos. Not your average Baptist pastor.  (more…)

How to be a surprise success at social media

I’m not very good at social media, so I find people who are and copy them. When you don’t have talent, a talent for learning and observation is the next best thing. In my observations as to who rocks at social media, a shock contender for top dog continues to dominate and grow fro strength to strength. It’s not an organisation that necessarily has a good public reputation in the State that I live in, and their usual manner of communication does not sound very engaging at all. In fact, these are the last people you would expect to be on social media and to be such a success at it. And they are… (more…)