Planting Young Adult and Youth Churches

Mark Broadbent and his team in Brisbane aren’t taking a backward step when it comes to church planting and when it comes to targeting their churches towards youth and young adults. In a relatively short space of time Life Point Christian Church has grown to four congregations including a youth church. We spoke to Mark the church nerve centre about the methodology and ambitions of this highly evangelistic church. (more…)

Easter Resources 2012

Easter is an amazing opportunity for mission. Your church will no doubt be planning special events to celebrate Easter. We’d love to swing in behind you and the featured resources are aimed at helping you invite people to explore further its true meaning. What we’ve put together has the aim of being a hook or an invitation to explore further. Many of Jesus’ stories in the public marketplace were like that. They keyed in to local understanding (or misunderstanding!) and sowed seeds of inquisitiveness that enticed people to find out more. We think the best place for people to do that “searching” and “finding out more” is a community of faith like yours, so we’ve designed these resources with the hope that they might point people in the direction of your church – especially at Easter time. Click here to see more.

Church Planting In Urban Growth Corridors

You never know how your future will pan out when you place yourself in God’s hands. Andrew Adams was once a young up and coming bank manager.  He now leads a church plant in an urban growth corridor north of Melbourne in the town of Wallan. We caught up with him to hear how he made the switch from banking to church planting and what’s involved in planting churches in an urban growth corridor. (more…)

When coffee, soul and mission meet – church planting in a retail setting

Evan Johnson first developed his skills as a barista during a break in London and now is one of the owners of Soul Food Espresso in Redwood Park in Adelaide . Soul Food Espresso is more than a café, it’s the base for a church plant that meet as a home group and use the café as its centre of activity.  Crossover sampled some soul food and a mean coffee or two in Adelaide with Evan to find out more about Soul Food Christian Community.



How To Get A 90% Success Rate In Church Planting

There’s a local plumber near me who has the following tag line below his business logo on his work ute: “We turn up”.  When I first saw that I was underwhelmed.  I need something more than that.  On reflection though, it’s a winning line given the perception of tradesman’s no-shows. Andrew Turner knows a thing or two about growing the church through church planting and here’s some sage advice along the same lines as my local plumber: (more…)

The Ultimate Church Camp

Pool complex at QCCC’s Mapleton site

When it comes to a single event in the life of the church that moves relationships, community, vision, commitment, and many more critical dynamics, nothing beats a good church camp. Sunday services have limited potential for genuine connection and intimacy in community.  Church camps give that potential in plenty.  Crossover got a ‘camp professional’ to give us a run down on how to plan the Ultimate Church Camp: (more…)

Church Planting In A Mining Boom

How do you do church in a mining boom town where everything works on a 12 hour shift and its impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time? In mining towns life is very different from the rest of the world.  It is into this context that Ron and Paula Turner have moved so that they can engage in church planting in the new boom towns where a lot of money is being made but a lot of lives are being ruined as well.


Wanted – Missional Pastors

We like our pastors to champion evangelism don’t we? Very few of us disagree when they urge us to live missionaly within our community and workplaces. However, problems do arise when pastors practice what they preach. Quite often, there is a not so subtle pressure to look after the flock rather than reach the lost sheep. That after all is what evangelists are for, we pay our pastors to look after ‘us’ and not ‘them’, don’t we? (more…)

The Missional Pastor – a mythical being?

The ‘Missional Pastor’. Sounds great when you say it doesn’t it? But is it a mythical being? Are we just kidding ourselves if we think its possible to be a ‘missional pastor’ or do they really exist? Crossover went in search of this mythical being and ended up in Sydney & Adelaide talking to some very interesting candidates. (more…)