Knowing the Gospel by Heart

Nearly all of us have trouble expressing the good news about Jesus. I’m often asked to recommend tools or to teach evangelism technique. There are handy tools (2 Ways to Live, Bridge to Life, Roman Road, etc) and useful techniques (i.e. focus on asking good questions and listening well). But learning the gospel by rote will only get us so far. We need to learn it by heart. (more…)

PRAC Spring Edition

In this issue of PRAC we look at the place of humour in missional engagement. As Christians in Australia, we are trying to connect with people amidst a culture renowned worldwide for its humour and yet who often see Christians as humourless. Someone who encounters Christ should exhibit a radiance and joy that contradicts this perception. If we are applying ourselves to contextual evangelism in a culture that appreciates humour, we need to engage our funny bone. I hope you ‘enjoy’ this issue. (more…)