Social Media Privacy – new controls good news for churches

The arrival of Google + has been good news for churches who face a range of delicate issues presented by social media. Since Google announced the security features allowing selective broadcast of updates to defined groups, you can bet your bottom dollar that developers at Facebook were burning the midnight oil rushing out similar features to stem the hemorrhaging of users which began with the launching of Google+ which is just in its testing phase and still out of reach of the average user. Facebook have announced a dramatic overhaul of security options and the result is good for your average user and especially social media in the church context. (more…)

The downside of wishing the end of Christendom

An increasingly secular Britain is fast approaching the end of Christendom that many post-modern Christian thinkers longingly wish for. Many post modern Christian ideologues wait impatiently for such an era, and romanticize about the church finally being able to live on the edges and rediscover its pre-Constantinian grass roots radicalism. But do they know what they wish for? (more…)

The Missional Institution – an oxymoron?

Guilty as charged

I did something recently any missionaly minded person should be thoroughly and deeply ashamed of. I gave birth to another institution.  And, I went the whole hog, no holding back.  None of this grass roots organic stuff.  We are talking Constitutions, membership (paid, no freeloading here!), strict membership policy documents, officers, mailing lists, rosters, seals, bank accounts, insurance, strict uniform policy, etc.  But wait, I can justify it.  You see it’s a ‘missional institution’… (more…)