When Social Media Can Burn The Church – A Handy Twitter Guide For Churches

Social Media is one of those things we should all be on right? We’ve got to have a presence on Facebook & Twitter right?  We’d appear as if we’re stuck in the mud wouldn’t we? Not necessarily so.  Not understanding the medium well can lead to some disastrous consequences, as one Christian leader found to his expense this week.  And for those churches or leaders who get burned using social media, often it may be the case that the medium is irrelevant to their audience in any case.  All that pain for nothing. (more…)

What’s the Go with the GFO and how do I explain it?

Until a few years ago I always struggled as a pastor to find the words to describe what Crossover was on Good Friday as I announced the appeal. That was until Room 3 helped us develop a fantastic series of animated videos to describe what we did, using Brian Winslade’s development of the 4 metaphors. From that time onwards all I needed to do was cue the DVD. This year is no different, we have a cracking video which explains why we exist and what we do – and it is proving very popular.

Sometimes we come across churches that are reluctant to show the video or take up the offering so here’s a handy guide to Frequently Asked Questions: (more…)