PRAC Autumn Edition

In this issue Wendy Francis from Australian Christian Lobby on the importance of knowing facts about your local community and how that can help shape your mission. Phil Bryant from Western Australia asks if we are on about God’s Business or just busyness. PRAC interviews two politicians who are Christians: Senator Guy Barnett and Shane Neumann MP, and Stan Fetting explores how we often ignore the evangelistic potential of our church fringe and how a new NCLS survey can help us find out more about people who live in the shadow of our church. (more…)

Hipster Christianity – is being missional just trying to be cool?

Have you ever wondered if a lot of what drives the ‘missional debate’ is simply a subset of Christians looking for an expression of faith that is set apart from the status quo – and in contrast a whole lot cooler? I have. Brett McCracken’s ‘Hipster Christianity – When Church And Cool Collide’, helped me to explore my thoughts on this question in a more informed way. Paradoxically, just reading it made me feel cool. So what’s the answer? Are we just dealing with Hipster Christianity or is that a harsh call? (more…)

Easter 2011 Digital Invites

For this Easter 2011 we have developed two digital invites for use in Facebook (and other social media), e-mail and web sites: (more…)

The Missional Purpose of Renewal

I have heard reported that in these renewals the Holy Spirit challenges people to share what they have received from God with those outside the community of faith. For many this is a hard message. Often, instead of sharing the message with those outside the Kingdom, it is shared with other congregations. It becomes a Renewal Movement purely for the saved. Then sadly the renewal experience grinds to a halt. Andy Coller from Baptist World Aid reflects on the purpose of renewal and how the agenda of the Holy Spirit is at times hijacked by us for our own purposes. (more…)

Easter Resources for 2011

Easter is an amazing opportunity for mission, especially in our increasingly secular society. Easter is one of two times during the year that otherwise un-committed Australians would consider coming to church.  Our nation stops and takes a “holy-day” in commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Easter in 2011 is about as late as it gets in the annual calendar, and this year is conjoined with ANZAC Day. This confluence of national holidays and “times to remember” offers an interesting opportunity for local churches to connect with people who might otherwise have little Christian experience. We’ve sought to build on this opportunity in the resources Crossover is offering. (more…)

The Failure of Evangelism

Evangelism as we know it hasn’t worked. Either evangelism is so aggressive you want to get a restraining order, or else evangelism is so restrained you want to call it to order. Our strategies have been spectacularly useless at best, counterproductive at worst. We have lived through an exodus, but not of the biblical kind. So says Leonard Sweet in his book laying out a new vision for evangelism: Nudge. Leonard has some pretty controversial things to say about evangelism as we have known it and his vision for what should be in our new world. (more…)

Digital Missionaries

I remember the days when before heading out onto the mission field candidates would undertake cross-cultural training.  I did so myself in a traditional missionary bible college.  A new breed of missionaries are preparing themselves to enter a global ministry, but only going as far as their study, the smartphone in their pocket or the tablet in their shoulder bag.  Every day over 2 million people search the Internet for answers to their spiritual questions – providing a digital mission field that needs workers to reap the harvest.  I met one recently. (more…)