What Made People Click In 2010

The Top Ten YouTube Videos of 2010 have been announced, and it makes interesting reading for those who are keen to tap into what makes people click, literally and figuratively when it comes to viral digital content.  These videos would have been shared via websites, social media and traditional e-mail.  They give us an insight into what it takes to make people give a few minutes of your life to watch a short video.  What can we learn from these choices? (more…)

Christmas Story YouTube Challenge Winners

We have a winner in our Christmas Story YouTube Challenge competition!  After input from four judges each looking at a particular perspective we have chosen our 1st, 2nd & 3rd top videos. (more…)

PRAC Summer Edition #62

The Summer Edition (#62) of PRAC is hitting the streets. In this edition of PRAC there are two dominant and overlapping themes. One is Christmas and the opportunity we have to claim it back as a Christian festival and a platform for the presentation of the gospel. The other theme is around doing things as a church for the enjoyment of our local community. There is such a thing as “presence evangelism” whereby a Christian community seeks to represent itself before its neighborhood in a positive light. It’s a subtle and less overt form of evangelism, but helpful in altering people’s perception of the church. Those who drive past our churches have many perceptions of what goes on inside them (if they notice us at all!) and often imagination fills in the blanks. By contrast, when churches do things for the good or pleasure of their wider community negative paradigms are broken down. Churches have moved beyond a “bums on seats” approach to evaluating their effectiveness and, when it comes to planning for healthy and highly missional churches, Australians have a gift that the church worldwide is envious of.  Read it online here or download it to share here.

Christmas Story YouTube Challenge Entrants

This Christmas Crossover has thrown out a challenge to churches to come up with creative and innovative ways to tell the Christmas story in under 3 minutes through the medium of a YouTube video.  We hope to unleash the power of viral digital content and unearth the latent creative talent that we have in our churches across the land.  We have started through this competition. By stirring up the creative genius in our churches we hope the end result will be some excellent digital content that can be shared via e-mail, social media , blogs and website.  We have some excellent prizes for the top three contributors.  Have a look at our entrants and tell us who you think should win and why. (more…)

Top 5 Free Essential Web Resources for Churches

They say there’s no such thing a free lunch, but I beg to differ.  The web offers plenty of free lunches which means that churches can save a bucket load of money whilst being made to look good.  Sounds like a deal to me.  Here’s my Top 5 Free Essential Web Resources. See if you agree with me: (more…)

‘twas the night before Christmas

“Twas the night before Christmas and people were jaded
From hustling and bustling through malls they had waded.
They’d spent all their money and shopped till they’d dropped
But the meaning behind it seemed more and more cropped.
The joy and the laughter had gone from the season,
As media and retailers perverted the reason.

But for one group of people the light still shone through
The hype and commercialism they knew wasn’t true.
The jingles and trappings they chose to ignore,
For them, Christmas wasn’t something bought in a store.
Sure, the essence of Christmas is all about giving,
But God’s kind of presents – a quality of living.

For this group of people Christmas wasn’t about shopping
Or holidays and tinsel and food till you’re popping.
To them it was time to worship and recall
The fact that God gave them the best gift of all;
The coming of Jesus and the changes he made
In the lives of his followers and the debt he repaid.

Rather than copy others and try to compete
They resolved to become a new Christmas elite.
They shunned all the junk mail and specials unending,
Refusing to be lured by material spending.
To all of the pressure and tension they cried, “Enough!
We want to get back to the true Christmas stuff!”

That night before Christmas these people decided
To stand up for truth that their culture derided.
They cut through commercialism and retailer bluster
With all of its hype and its tension and fluster,
And paused to give thanks to the God they adored
For his mercy and grace and their lives he’d restored.

They put to one side all the presents received
The goodies that tempted and kept them deceived;
They turned their attention once more toward the Lord
To receive with both hands his heavenly reward.
The rest of their lives to Jesus surrendered,
And this Christmas became the best they remembered!

Brian Winslade, written 1998. Published Prac10.