Tapping Into Hidden Networks

There is an underground network of people living in your community and every other community in Australia that the church has never tapped into and probably doesn’t know exists. They are a network of people from all works of life who are connected through a common interest.  They often behave suspiciously and you may even have seen some and wondered, but they are essentially safe and you need not fear them.  You may be interested to know who they are and how you can tap into their network. Here’s a creative an imaginative way: (more…)

The Minister as Missionary

Are you angry about mission? Do you see yourself in this description perhaps?:

“I detect an emerging and distressing phenomenon, angry missionary-ministers, ministers whose anger is kindled by their congregation’s failure to get with the missionary programme. These are ministers who feel held back by their congregations. It is as if their people are getting in the way of their own missionary-ministry. And it makes them mad. I sympathise. I think I understand. But I am also alarmed.” (more…)

Are we pimping the Church?

The church isn’t a prostitute, so why do we treat her like one? We pimp her out, expect her to turn a profit, and then betray her for another?  So asks Nicole Cottrell, the author of the blog Modern Reject.

“Pimpin’ ain’t easy,” and that may be true, but Christians sure make it look like it ain’t no thang. In our attempts to grow the Church and reach the unchurched, we actually exploit her.

We brand her and market her. We dress her in short, yet “attractive” Sunday dresses called services, hoping that if people can just get a feel for her, all of us on our very best behavior, then others might want to take her for a ride around the block. We essentially tell her that she isn’t good enough the way she is—the body of Christ and all. We figure a slew of programs, agendas, and activities will make her more appealing to those seeking. (more…)

Was Jesus HIV Positive?

Imagine starting your next sermon series, “Today I will start with a three-part sermon on: Jesus was HIV-positive.”?  Pastor Xola Skosana from Cape Town did just recently and it has tongues wagging, not just in his church but across the world.  The way in which news spreads in our digital age has ensured that Xola’s views are being hotly debated and some Christians are outraged as the the implication is that Jesus was sexually promiscuous.  That isn’t always the reason that people have HIV, but I see their point.  Well, does Xola have a point? (more…)