Cape Town 2010 – the future of the Church and world evangelization

Over the past week I have rued my low station in life and that in the scheme of things I was not invited to the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (I clearly need to press the flesh a lot more and design some nifty business cards.)  Apart from the fact that it was being held in the most attractive city in the world, it was rather the the bringing together 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries into a rich, diverse cultural melting pot to consider the future of evangelism that got me.  Thanks to the advances in digital communication I have been able to follow proceedings through the aggregated thoughts of many bloggers, tweeters and Facebookers.  There have been some truly memorable moments. (more…)

Church Planting? – why not buy a business?

Want to plant a church? Why not buy a business instead? I’m part of a group people considering a church plant in a small village. Whilst there is a large community hall for hire on one side of the picturesque street, it’s the cafe across the road that we have our eyes on, and its for sale! (more…)

New Crossover Resources for 2011

This week a number of Crossover’s Task Force members were captured on CCTV acting suspiciously in a downtown Melbourne lane-way. Led by a pastor from South Australia the suspicious group were seen to be checking downpipes and crevices in what seemed like a frantic search.  Worried members of the public looked on from a distance as the the group continued their unexplained activities unaware of the public consternation they were causing. (more…)

Gaga: The Parental Response #4

What’s the parental response to Lady Gaga and her peers? I might not have a platform to speak from – my eldest is eleven so he’s only on the cusp of delving into his popular culture, so my strategies are essentially untested.

My comments come from talking to my peers some two decades on, reflecting on our experiences. It also comes from being something of a proxy parent to my nephews and nieces who are, by quirk of me being born quite late to my parents, closer to me in age than my siblings. (more…)

Love & Credibility – Missional Essentials

This week I managed to catch a program I watch whenever I remember: Secret Millionaires, where millionaires in real life go undercover and pose as ‘normal’ people looking to lend a hand. The program I watched was based in America where a multi-millionaire couple who made their fortune from selling fast food went to New Orleans, still devastated in many areas by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was the best witness for the Gospel I have seen on t.v. in a long time. (more…)

The 5 Secrets To Happiness Discovered

Thanks to a smart academic from Melbourne University we now know the secrets to happiness. In a comprehensive study tracking 60 000 Germans over 25 years the results have been distilled into a succinct 5 points (which is ideal for Baptist pastors who can normally only think in sequences of 3-5 points). Despite the fact that millions across the world think that money will make them happy, the findings show that most people are probably looking in the wrong direction. (more…)

WA Baptists get new makeover

It’s not often that I have anything positive to say when it comes to Baptists and the web, and especially Baptists and logos.  However, I’ve always believed in credit where credit is due – and those cousins of ours over in the West have had a successful makeover resulting in a brand new logo and a new website.  And I think they’ve nailed it. (more…)