Christmas Story Video Challenge Starts

A reminder that our Christmas Story YouTube Video Challenge starts tommorow October 1 and you will have till Sunday 31 November to get your entries uploaded. Find out more here.


Christmas Resources Now Available

The 2010 Christmas Resources are now available for order from our partners CRS.  We have a Post Card which is ideal for personal invitations, a simple yet powerful Christmas Card and a Box resource with food for thought designed to be given to people who are open to considering the Christian faith.  The Post Card and Christmas Card can be ordered as is or with over-printing.  Check out the resource summary here or select from the ‘Resources’ drop down tab on the top bar.

Twitter -the rise and rise of Digital Narcissism

It’s 2010 and we are all supposed to be up there with the latest digital trends aren’t we? By now we should all have an iPhone 4, and at the very least a Facebook account and if we are really with it: Twitter.

If anyone should be a fan of Twitter it’s me, I am a communications manager after all. Well let me nail my colours to the mast up front: (more…)

Going Gaga Over The Lady #3

It’s worth posting some brief reflections on some of Lady Gaga’s other themes and why they seem to have such resonance and penetration with her target audience.

Paparazzi is the song Lady Gaga performed at the 2009 MTV Music Awards, where later she took the podium to accept an award for the best new talent. The night cemented a mainstream status for her as “weird”, given she accepted her award in a red-crowned dress with her face covered and finished her concert performance with fake blood streaming down her front. (more…)

Going Gaga Over The Lady – #2

Love Game

There’s a quantum leap in the production values between Lady Gaga’s first video, Just Dance, through to the more recent efforts like Telephone and Alejandro. Just Dance is obviously done on a shoestring budget, and shows it, where the latest videos have cost millions.

Just Dance has the same feel as Madonna’s Borderline. The lavish production of the latest videos are like something out of the Like a Prayer incarnation of Madonna. It took 12 months for Gaga to get there, five years for Madonna. It says a bit about the speed of the internet age. (more…)

Going Gaga Over The Lady

Like it or not, you can’t get far today with your ears or eyes open without your day being punctuated by the Lady.  She’s everywhere.  Our kids are lip syncing her songs and even politicians in the USA are listening to her now as she branches out into ever new territory.

She is a complex character, and her cultural reach is an issue for concern for some.  Is she just pure entertainment, and current phenomenon that will pass or is she here to stay?

Our regular contributor Andrew Grant tries to make sense of the the Lady phenomenon in a series of articles.  Feel free to chime in via the comments section. (more…)

Forge Australia Back From The Dead

Steve Turner - breathing life back into Forge

Reports of the untimely death of Forge Australia have proven to be greatly exaggerated. I know because I spoke to the national coordinator today and interviewed him about where Forge is going (and where its been in the past).  Steve Turner is the last man standing so to speak as Forge Australia closed down operations and some the key figures moved on.  Steve Turner didn’t and is keen steer Forge 2 into a new era of cooperation with the church. (more…)

PRAC Spring Edition

The Spring Edition PRAC magazine is out, and in case you don’t have a copy you can read it online here or download it here (along with back copies).  In this edition there is an eclectic mix of articles about how effective mission is done in our twenty-first century. There’s a challenge about bringing together the presentation of the gospel in both “word” and “deed,” which somehow have tended to drift to polar opposites – when God intended them to work together. (more…)

A New Kind Of Baptist Church

In his latest book, Brian Winslade (National Director of Crossover) brings into question the ‘Baptist way of doing things’ particularly when it comes to how we organise ourselves and make decisions. Baptists are known for many things; among them their belief in the authority of the Bible, the priesthood of all believers, and their particular form of congregational government. The latter is often euphemistically referred to as the “Baptist way.” (more…)

Christmas Story Video Challenge

Do you think you and some friends can explain the Christmas Story in less than three minutes using a creative video? If you think you can we would like you to enter our Christmas Story You Tube Challenge. This Christmas Crossover hopes to unleash the power of viral digital content and unearth the latent creative talent that we have in our churches across the land through a competition to create the most effective video explanation of the Christmas Story in under 3 minutes. By stirring up the creative genius in our churches we hope the end result will be some excellent digital content that can be shared via e-mail, social media , blogs and website.  We have some excellent prizes for the top three contributors.  Read more here.