Feeling Foreign

Cutting Down The Christian Culture Shock

This Christmas, you are likely to see some unfamiliar faces at your church events: people for whom “church” is a foreign experience. What will they experience? How welcome, how comfortable will they feel? I grew up inside the Christian “club” but a few years ago, my own taste of a foreign church culture made me much more sensitive to the experience of newcomers or “seekers” who might attend a church like ours. (more…)

Flying Solo

There are many parents doing it alone these days. What are churches doing to support them? Sandy Taylor from Rowville Baptist Church explains one way to go about it.

Our church was looking for a way to give something to our neighbourhood. After our initial idea of a community fair failed to get off the ground, we sought God looked for an area of unmet need around us. Single parents screamed out. Parenting is an important and challenging role. To do it on your own is really tough. We wanted a way to tell single parents they were significant and loved, more than they could imagine. After all, it was for the wounded and broken hearted that Jesus came. (more…)

Calling Charlie

Calling Charlie DVDCalling Charlie is created to provide you with everything needed for an entertaining, provocative, insightful and stimulating learning experience. The interactive DVD and accompanying 32 page study guide includes discussion questions (with space to record notes), Bible references, prayers, extra resources and links. The four sessions are ideal for small groups, interactive church services or weekend camps. (more…)

Good Friday Appeal 2010

Follow the progress of Phil & Vivienne who we met last Easter. They took a step of faith after being invited by their neighbour Derrick to explore the Christianity. Now the couple are keen to go to church and share their faith with their own family and friends. They soon discover that they are entering a whole new world. Watch and follow their experience of being new to the church and to the Christian faith. (more…)