Upcoming Events

BUV: SEND – Creating and Renewing Communities of Faith

Date: Thurs 22nd and Fri 23rd November

Location: Baptist Union of Victoria Office

For Baptists, mission is our calling. On Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd November, special guest, Paul Sparks will join a host of experienced church planters, urban missionaries, creative leaders, and placemakers to listen, discuss, and share about mission in our neighbourhoods…and beyond!

Find out more and register through BUV here:

Registrations close 20th November

Healthy Vibrant Communities Launch Events

Date: 1 - 15 November 2018

Location: Around the country, more info:

A new community engagement model for local church, business and community leaders.

HVC’s vision is to see a church planting movement of new churches with sustainable and community engaged venues (more…)

Graham Tour Prayer Gatherings

Date: October 2018

Location: Around the country, more info:

There are so many people in your community, and around Australia, who don’t know Jesus – and they need your prayers.

Before the evangelistic events begin will you join Christians from across your city for a community-wide prayer meeting?

More info:


Creating an Effective Online Presence For Your Church

Date: Wednesday 19th September 2018 10:00 AM (EST: Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney)

Location: Online

How your church can use social media, Google and your website to connect with your community as well as advice on the best low-cost high-quality solutions for graphics and video.

Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Watch Now the video recording of this webinar

Franklin Graham National Outreach

Date: February 2019

Location: Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney

This February, Franklin Graham will boldly proclaim the Gospel at free, evangelistic events in six cities across Australia: Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) will be hosting Pastors receptions and prayer meetings across the nation in October. Keep an eye out for Facebook events on the Billy Graham Australia Facebook page.

You can learn more about the Graham Tour, discover how your congregation can get involved and register your church at:

Webinar: When The Gospel Is A Laughing Matter

Date: Wednesday 22nd August 2018


Join Crossover’s Stan Fetting as he chats with Pastor and Stand-Up Comedian Nathan Ranclaud (“Uncle Nath”) as they discuss how communicators in church can incorporate humour to make a big difference in winning a listening ear, and how humour can be used evangelistically.

Wednesday 22 August at 10am EST.
Listen to the podcast now

Read more here:

Click here for Nathan’s youtube channel

Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT Form Conference (previously Inspire)

Date: 19-20th October 2018

Location: C3 Church & Oaks Pacific Blue Resort, Salamander Bay

Form: Evangelism and Church Planting Conference is a two day festival of ideas, storytelling, masterclasses, networking, team building and much more. Form will shape evangelism and church planting in the Baptist Churches of NSW and the ACT as we see a movement of a thousand healthy churches in a generation.

Form replaces Inspire conference for NSW & ACT.

Click here for more information & registration

This event is in NSW

Speakers: Oscar Muriu – Global Movement Leader (Nariobi Chapel), Kelly Crawford – Community Development Designer and Andrew Palmer – Director of Global Missioner

Baptist Churches of South Australia – Inspire Conference

Date: 13 - 15 August 2018

Location: Adare Victor Harbor

South Australia’s Inspire Conference 2018 is a 48-hour retreat for missional adventurers – all considering, exploring or practicing church planting or church revitalisation. An exciting and valuable time for encouragement, discernment and “iron sharpening iron”. Thanks to very generous sponsorship from Baptist Insurance Services and Crossover, we have inspirational leaders from across Australia gathered together here just for building us up and spurring us on.

Click here for more information and registration.

This event is in South Australia.

Speakers: Jono Ingram – Grassroots Placemaker VIC, Belinda Lakelin – Evangelism Consultant for Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT, Mike Bullard – Church and Leaders Support Pastor – Baptist Churches of WA.

Emerging Evangelists Conference 2018

Date: 18-19 April 2018

Location: Sydney

The purpose of the Emerging Evangelists Conference is to affirm, invest in and equip emerging evangelists in each State who could benefit from getting together with other experienced evangelists who can offer mentoring and essential experience.

The conference is an invitation-only event. To nominate someone or find out more head to :

Jesus the Game Changer Church Campaign

Date: 25th Feb - 1st April 2018

Location: Your Church

This is a great opportunity to influence our communities with the message of Jesus. The campaign will use 6 of the 10 episodes of Jesus the Game Changer – a documentary series on how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters.

Find out more and how to get involved here:

Emerging Evangelists Conference

Date: 30-31 August 2017

Location: Melbourne

The purpose of the Emerging Evangelists Conference is to affirm, invest in and equip emerging evangelists in each State who could benefit from getting together with other experienced evangelists who can offer mentoring and essential experience. The vision of the conference is to raise up a new generation of evangelists, people who will make a difference in their local church as well as the wider region. This conference is an opportunity for emerging evangelists to be sown into and empowered into Kingdom ministry.

The conference is an invitation-only event. Please contact your State Crossover Rep if you are interested in nominating someone from your State or Territory to attend in 2018. The Emerging Evangelists Conference will be run in April 2018.

Learning From Mission In The Majority World – with Graham Hill from the Global Church Project

Date: Wednesday 29th March


Wed, 29 Mar 2017 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM AEDT
i.e. NSW/VIC/TAS 11am, QLD 10am, Darwin 9.30am, Perth 8am, Adelaide 10.30am.

Stan will be chatting with Rev Dr Graham Hill from The Global Church Project. Find out more about The Global Church Project here.

Please join our webinar from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone. Australia: +61 2 8355 1050 Access Code: 412-857-525


Church as a community centre

Date: Wednesday 8th March


In 1985 nineteen people met with a view to planting a church to reach the people of Leeming, WA. They eventually opened their building in 1992 it wasn’t a typical sanctuary building. Instead they built a recreation centre which has become a centre of excellence for basketball. Since then more community features have been added. In this webinar we speak with senior pastor Anthony Palmieri about the the challenges and opportunities of a church as a community/recreation centre.

Wednesday 8th March join Stan Fetting with Anthony Palmieri from Lakeside Baptist Church, WA.

Adelaide 10.30am
Darwin 9.30am
Perth 8am
NSW / ACT / VIC / TAS 10am
QLD 11am

Join us online here:

or by calling
Australia: +61 2 9091 7603 Access Code: 110-815-413

Webinar: The Gospel & Social Enterprise

Date: Wednesday 7th December


The Gospel and social impact don’t have to be an either or choice, both can be achieved at the same time. Our guest Adam James is the founder of Cup From Above, a café that has an impact far wider than it’s expertly brewed coffee. Join us to hear this inspirational story and to pick up tips on how your church can make a difference in your local community in word and deed.

Wednesday 7th December 2016 at:
11am Syd/Melb/Tas
10am QLD
9.30am Darwin
8am Perth
10.30am Adelaide

Click here for the podcast 

Webinar: Social Media & Technology for Churches

Date: Wednesday 9 November 11am AEST (Syd/Melb/Tas)


How to master social media and technology with low budget equipment and high budget outcomes. A must listen webinar for budget conscious churches who know they need to better with video and social media.

Wednesday 9th November

11am Syd/Melb/Tas — 10am QLD — 9.30am Darwin — 8am Perth — 10.30am Adelaide

Missed it? Click here to watch the video

Webinar: Children & Families

Date: Monday 10th October 2016 **Time Updated 11am EST**


Children & Families Webinar : How to maximise the missional potential of your ministries. Stan will be joined by special guest Yvette Wynne, Missional Consultant for Family Ministry from NSW ACT Baptist Churches and co-author of Heaven Can’t Wait.

Monday 10th October ** Time Updated 11am EST**

**NB: Don’t forget day light savings will have started i.e. 11am NSW/VIC/TAS is 10am QLD, 9.30am Darwin, 8am Perth & 10.30am Adelaide.**

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Webinar: One Caller – Many Callings (Workplace)

Date: Wednesday 28th September 10am AEST


Special Guest Murray Wright from Malyon College, QLD, will be joining Stan Fetting for this Crossover Webinar themed similar to the Malyon College Conference: One Caller – Many Callings. We will discuss how pastors can empower Christians to understand their work as a calling and how that can affect their evangelistic potential.

Wednesday 28th September 2016 at 10am AEST.

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Emerging Evangelists Conference

Date: 7 - 8 September 2016

Location: Melbourne

By Invitation, Contact your State Crossover Representative for further information or admin[at] (change the at to @)

We recorded some of our sessions with Mike Frost during the conference! You can watch them through Facebook Live on our facebook page or listen to the full podcasts here:

The 5 Habits of Highly Missional People and Churches (BELLS)

The Gospel in a nutshell according to Mike Frost

Webinar: Church Planting Hangout #2 – Reaching Depressed Urban Areas

Date: Wednesday 17 August 2016


10am AEST

Church Planting Hangout # 2 – Reaching Depressed Urban Areas

Crossover Operations Manager Stan Fetting with Special Guest, David Chatelier. David moved from a rural suburb north of Melbourne into a depressed area with a lot of social depravation in order to plant a church and live amongst the more marginalized members of Melbourne. He is currently the Mission Catalyst for New Churches for the Baptist Union of Victoria.

Missed it? View the podcast.

Webinar: Essential Software & Apps for Churches

Date: Wednesday 20th July 2016


Wed, Jul 20, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

We cover the essential must have software & apps for churches to help save money, redeem time, organize seamlessly and communicate effectively. Webinar host is experienced pastor and Crossover operations manager Stan Fetting.

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Webinar: Facebook for Churches – Advanced

Date: Wednesday 29th June 10am AEST


Church communications and social media guru Steve Fogg from Crossway Baptist will be our special expert guest in our Facebook for Churches Advanced webinar at 10am EST Wednesday 29th June. This is the third webinar in our Facebook for Churches series. You can find the podcast of the first two linked in their events below.

Wed, Jun 29, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

You can join our webinar from your computer, tablet or smartphone

Missed it? View podcast


Webinar: Facebook for Churches – Intermediate

Date: Wednesday 22nd June 10am AEST


In our Facebook For Churches – Intermediate level we will explore how you can turn your Facebook page into a mini website through tabs and how you can invest more in your social media reach through advertising and boosting posts to get a greater reach. We will also look at how to use ‘call to action’ links on your page. This level is designed to maximize your reach through Facebook.

Wed, Jun 22, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

Missed this webinar? Listen and watch the podcast here.


Webinar: Church Planting Hang-Out

Date: Wednesday 18th May 10am EST


If you are a church planter or interested join us in our webinar where we share our experiences, wisdom and resources to support and spur one another on. Pastor, author, church planter and sports chaplain Warren Crank will be joining our webinar as your special guest.

Wed, May 18, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

Missed this webinar? Click here to listen to the podcast online.


Webinar: Bivocational Hangout

Date: Wednesday 11th May 10am EST


This webinar is aimed at the growing number of people in formal ministry roles in our Baptist churches who are ‘bi-vocational’. These workers have a unique set of pressures that they are under trying to juggle at least two roles.

This webinar is a meeting place for bi-vocational types to gather online and share stories, strategies and struggles. We’ll be joined by special guests Myles Symons who will share his unique story. We’ll also discuss resources that are specific to bi-vocationals, and we’ll be doing a book give away.

Bivocational Hangout Details
Wed, May 11, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

Join our hangout from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This webinar was not recorded. We will endeavour to re-run it at a different time.


Webinar: Digital Evangelism – Facebook for Churches (Beginners’ class)

Date: Wednesday 13th April 2016 10am EST


Facebook is a powerful tool that churches can use to connect with people. Are you using it well? This webinar is pitched at beginner level for churches that would like to use Facebook more but need some help to get started and advice on tools and apps to make things easier.

Wednesday 13th April 2016 at 10am EST.

Missed this webinar? View the podcast

Webinar: Church Planting

Date: Wednesday 3rd November 2015 11am (EST)


Church Planters Webinar featuring guest Andrew Turner, SA.

The Webinar length is scheduled for between 60-90min. Click on this link to join us:
You can dial in by telephone to participate on this number: Australia +61 2 8355 1024 using the following access code: 412-314-997

Click here to find out more.


Webinar: Evangelism Masterclass

Date: Thursday 3rd September 2015, 2pm (EST)

Location: Webinar online or via phone

Dennis Pethers will be our guest in an Evangelism Masterclass webinar on September 3 at 2pm [EST].

Full link for cut and paste is: or you can also dial in on your phone at +61 2 8355 1039, access code 532-937-325

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REFOCUS: Putting evangelism on the local church’s agenda

Date: June 2015 - February 2016

Location: Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

Rediscovering the gospel as word. Seminars by Karl Faase and Dan Paterson, followed by “Seek” an evangelistic event.

17th June – Yokine Baptist Church, WA

24th June – Ashgrove Baptist Church, QLD

Listen to talk podcasts from this event

Feb 2016 – Adelaide, SA – Inspire event.

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Getting the Message Across Seminar

Date: Throughout the year

Location: Your Church

Getting The Message Across is a training seminar developed by Crossover, to help people become more confident and competent in sharing their faith.

This event is designed to be run at your church, or local combined churches event.

Click here to find out more.

Emerging Evangelist Conference

Date: 3 - 4 September 2015

Location: Melbourne

By Invitation, Contact your State Crossover Representative for further information or admin[at] (change the at to @).

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Church Planters Consult

Date: 11-12/03/2015

Location: Melbourne

By Invitation, Contact your State Crossover Prepresentative for further information or admin[at] (change the at to @).

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