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Faith Sharing and Invitation Amongst Australian Baptists

Crossover  commissioned a number of “Baptist-only” questions related to evangelism in the 2016 NCLS survey that went to Baptist churches.

The first question related to faith sharing readiness. Read more

Hospitality and Evangelism – A Lost Secret?

Domestic hospitality is a hallmark of the people of God throughout the Bible. Read more

Inspiring & Empowering Leadership Culture – expanded PRAC article

As we seek to put our finger on the pulse of Australian Baptist church life, one of the most significant signs of health and vitality is our leadership. Read more

Participating in the 2016 NCLS

NCLS has become an essential resource for the leadership of local Baptist churches as they seek to be more effective as agents of God’s mission in their local context. At Read more

Your Story – how evangelism has and needs to change in your church

How have you done evangelism in the past in your church? How have things changed? How must things change moving forward? Crossover has developed a resource to help church leaders Read more

Looking From The Outside In – How We Come Across To Outsiders

It’s often sobering to listen to a review of how the church is doing, especially from the point of view of an outsider. Christians are pretty good at critiquing the Read more

A Baptist in search of himself

Rev Allan Demond spoke at the induction of Rev Bill Brown as Chairman of the National Council of Australian Baptist Ministries in May 2015. He has adapted his talk into Read more

Churches That Inspire And Empower

Our latest edition of PRAC contains an extract of this excellent article on church vitality, which you can now read in full here. Australian National Church Life Survey (NCLS) findings Read more

Baptist Churches Up Close And Personal – What The Research Says

How has your church joined the discussion on the results of the National Church Life Survey (NCLS)? What will be your response as a church? As leadership? – to the Read more

Australian Baptists – The Good, The Not So Good & The Not Good Enough

In late 2011, 111,774 adults from 331 Australian Baptist churches completed the National Church Life Survey.  What does the NCLS reveal? This world class research provides valuable insights into the Read more

Research Reveals Hidden Potential In Baptist Churches

Crossover invested heavily in the 2011 National Church Life Survey to commission research to help understand the potential and opportunities that exist for evangelism and church planting within our movement Read more

The State Of Australian Churches

Is church growth in Australia more about the movement of Christians between churches rather than conversion?  How is the Baptist movement of churches doing when it comes to church growth Read more

Australia’s Top Three Churches

The top three churches in Australia for conversion and retention growth make for an interesting study.  So interesting in fact that Ian Hussey is doing a Phd on them.  If Read more

The facts about your area: do you really know them?

Do you have the facts about the community you are seeking to reach? When Paul went into Athens, he had no population data or demographic profiles to help him. But Read more

Missional intelligence gathering

Churches have moved beyond a “bums on seats” approach to evaluating their effectiveness and, when it comes to planning for healthy and highly missional churches, Australians have a gift that Read more