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Surprising Faith Attractors

Every now and then research throws up something that turns your perceptions about evangelism upside down. New research from the UK suggests that church buildings are more effective in attracting Read more

Emerging Evangelists 2017

What does the church do with an evangelist? What is the role of an evangelist in the community and culture of 2017? These are some of the questions many churches Read more

How To Connect With Your Community On The Internet – Part#2

The local grapevine has always been a way of finding out what is happening in your community, a mixture of gossip and real information. Churches need to know what is Read more

Jesus the Game Changer Church Campaign 2018

Hi, Karl Faase here, and I’d like to introduce to you a national campaign in the lead up to Easter in 2018. It will start on the 25 February and Read more

How To Connect With Your Community On The Internet – Part #1

Have you ever wondered how easy (or hard) it is for people in your local community to find out about your church? Many churches rarely think about this because they Read more

Developing Missional Leaders

Norm Nix Scholarship 2017

The Norm Nix Scholarship is awarded each year to an Australian Baptist to assist in their development as a leader in evangelism in their ministry context. The Read more

The accidental evangelist

From time to time people are kind enough to tell me of something that I’ve said to them in the past that has had a profound impact on them leading Read more

A chance encounter

I had a chance encounter with a secularist who was listening to a podcast on polyamory in a forest trail the other weekend. Seriously. I was marshalling a trail run Read more

For our next trick…

Monday is the day I talk about church stuff to my irreligious friends more than any other day. This is in response to the ‘Monday question’: “How was your weekend?” Read more

TryPraying Resource Review

Jake turned up at our house along with his mate Rick in the biggest truck I’d ever seen. Their boss had dispatched them to move our belongings from one house Read more